Cycling in Tasmania

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Supported Group tours

The perfect tour for guests who prefer the safety of a support vehicle and a tour guide. We conduct these tours on demand for groups from 2 to 11 participants.

The support vehicle of Green Island Tours with its purpose build trailer at a lunch break in ZeehanOur support vehicle and our purpose-built, quick loading trailer are always close by and can be used anytime even for just a short period. That makes it possible to have different fitness levels within a group. Whoever wants to cycle more can do this while others take it easy.
Please note: our supported group tours do not have fixed departure dates. We depart whenever we are asked to do so and go whereever our guests want us to go. The price per person depends on the number of participants - the more guests, the lower the price per person. We can conduct a tour exclusive for your group or can try to get additional participants on board to lower the per-person price.


* You can choose the departure date, the duration, where your tour shall take place and what the daily distances should be.
* You can choose between different accommodation categories.
* We do supply the support vehicle (registered and insured for client transport), an enclosed quick loading trailer and an experienced tour guide (driver)
* Different fitness levels within the group can be equalised.
* We include Bike- and luggage transport, national park fees and some other admissions.
* We also include picnic styles lunches, snacks and all drinks from the support vehicle on the riding days.
* Our guide will look after you all day and will make suggestions for excursions, answers any question you may have, prepares lunch, loads / unloads the bikes and does repairs on rental bikes should this be necessary.
* We will take you to places you may not see on a self guided tour!
* The more participants we have the cheaper per person!
* We can supply well-maintained rental bikes; free helmets on request.

How it works

* You select a region and accommodation category and contact us by email (preferred) or phone.
* We will discuss the options with you, work out a customised itinerary and send you a proposal with price.
* Once you are happy we will issue your confirmation / invoice. You pay only a 10% deposit (if departure is more than 4 weeks away) at this stage.
* We will book and pay for your accommodation and also arrange other agreed arrangements.
* The balance has to be paid one month before tour begin. Once received we will send you a pdf copy of your road book incl. all hotel details. A printed copy will be supplied at the briefing on day 1 of the tour.
* You do not have to arrange anything on the tour as the guide will do that for you.

Fitness level required

No specific fitness level is required. This tour can be enjoyed by guests of all ages and fitness levels. Wherever or whenever you don't want to cycle any more you can swap over to our support vehicle. You can continue cycling anytime thanks to our fast loading / unloading trailer.
However, if you want to cycle most of the route, a reasonable level of fitness is recommended. If you want to cycle more, you may also cycle some sections where other guests use our support vehicle.

Our rental bike - gents model

Bike hire

You are most welcome to bring your own bike, although our insurance requires it has been checked by a professional prior to the tour. It is easier if you hire one of our very well maintained bikes. We have different types available which are explained in detail here. On request, we do supply a helmet free of charge (wearing a helmet is compulsory). The tour guide is providing a repair service for the rental bikes.

Journey overview

For independent information about the regions click on the maps.

East coast route  of the bicycle tours of Green island Tours in Tasmania
west coast route  of the bicycle tours of Green island Tours in Tasmania

North east / East coast Tour
Bay of Fires on the north-east coast of Tasmania

North east: an astonishing contrast of rolling, green hills, temperate rain forests and many hidden treasures.
You will spend the first night in the historic village of Evandale, just 4 km from Launceston airport. The next day we´ll start with a downhill ride. Later you can enjoy the rather flat Tasman Highway, which carries little traffic. After lunch, you can enjoy t a long but not steep ascent through thick rainforest. After a night in Scottsdale you may decide to use the "North east trail", a converted railway line, for the first 26 km. Then we will visit the astonishing woodcarvings in Legerwood. After a bit of climbing on a narrow winding road through dense rainforest there is a unique 10 km long downhill ride. Our accommodation is in the little farming community of Pyengana, where we´ll visit the 90 m high St. Columba Falls the next morning. It’s just a half day ride to the east coast capital of St. Helens (pop. 4500).
East Coast: The east coast is well known for its mild and sunny climate and many empty, white beaches and of course the tourist magnet Freycinet Nationalpark.
If you have joined us on our north-east tour you had 2 nights in St. Helens, what enabled you to explore the stunning surroundings, including the famous Bay of Fires or Peron Sand Dunes. This tour goes down the beautiful coast road towards Bicheno. The following day we will visit famous Freycinet national park and do the walk to the Wineglass Bay lookout. In the afternoon we have to go around the Moulting Lagoon. En route are several wineries, where we can taste some of their produce. From Swansea we will continue along the coast road. After our lunch at the beautiful Spring beach we pack up and drive you to the lovely Tasman Peninsula. This takes about 2 hours, but if time allows we can make a short detour to the historic village of Richmond.
The next morning you could either visit the historic penal settlement of Port Arthur or do a cruise on a boat along one of Australia´s most beautiful coastlines (both extras). If required we can do a round tour by bus in the afternoon to the many natural wonders of the Peninsula.
The last cycling day is short but beautiful, along the coast (one short section is still gravel road). After a last beach walk and our lunch we will drive you into Hobart. With its cosmopolitan feel and special flair, it´s unlike most big cities. If you intend to continue on our west coast trip you will have an extra day in Hobart to soak up the fantastic atmosphere of Tasmania´s capital.

Starting-point: Launceston
End-point: Hobart
Duration: 11 days
details of guided north-east / east coast bike tour of Green Island Tours Tasmania

Starting-point: St. Helens
End-point: Hobart
Duration: 7 days
details of guided east coast bike tour of Green Island Tours Tasmania

West Coast Tour
Lake Dove close to Queenstown on the West coast of Tasmania

The West coast has been classified by "Lonely planet" as the second best cycling-region in the world! Our route will take you through very dramatic scenery, lots of it in World Heritage listed areas and alpine regions. Everything is different here more hills, more rain, a much smaller population density and longer distances between settlements.
The terrain is mostly hilly with some long ascents and long daily distances and it can be isolated in places. There is a good chance of bad weather, especially rain.

If you do this tour only the first day is the arrival day. If you have just finished our East coast tour then you'll have this day to explore Tasmania´s capital Hobart.
On the first tour day we´ll drive you out of Hobart with our support vehicle to New Norfolk. After some cycling on country roads we´ll visit Mount Field National Park with it´s famous Russell Falls and many significant tall trees. The "Wild Way" takes us up into the Highlands where we will stay in a very remote location. The next day will be cycling/driving through the isolated World Heritage Area to Queenstown (which looks like a lunar landscape). You could have a short hike in Lake St. Clair National Park and undertake some other short but extremely nice walks at various other locations. The next stop is the 'tourist-magnet' of Strahan where we will stay for 2 nights. From there you can take a half-day Gordon river cruise into the spectacular wilderness or have a rest day.
We continue via the old mining towns of Zeehan and Rosebery before making our way back up into the high country. After one night in the previous Hydro village of Tullah we will enter famous Cradle Mountain National Park where you can walk around romantic Dove Lake or do even longer walks. We will also spend the night there. On the next day, after some steep up and downs, we will have lunch in the small lovely country town of Sheffield with its many murals. Then its goes more downhill than uphill to the laid-back village of Mole Creek. If time allows we could walk to the Alum cliffs lookout. Depending on accommodation availability we either stay in Mole Creek or in Evandale, which we reach after an approx. 75 min drive on the old highway. Next morning we will bring you to Launceston city or Launceston airport.

Starting-point: Hobart
End-point: Launceston
Duration: 9 days
details of guided west coast bike tour of Green Island Tours Tasmania

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